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turnkey solution

Meet Liv, the Shopify Theme we designed so that you can focus on what matters the most - running your fashion business.

Automatic Category Creation and Mapping

Liv can help you save countless hours of administration time by creating categories automatically for you.

collection shopify theme store

Automatic Page Creation

Different website pages such as Terms of Service, Shipping and Returns, FAQ, and Contact Us is something that Liv can take off your hands and create automatically with your company details.

page contact shopify theme store

Mega Menu Setup

Liv also comes with a mega menu, eliminating the need for setting up complicated plugins or modifying your theme.

mega menu shopify theme store

Browsing at Lightning Speed

Slow page loading can be quite frustrating for your site visitors. That's why we trained Liv to provide one of the fastest browsing experiences, keeping your visitors on site longer.

speed shopify theme store

Automatic Photo Adjustment

Different suppliers come with different brands, and oops - different photo sizes. Liv automates photo adjustment so your store can look unified and provide for smooth shopping experience.

collection shopify theme store

European VAT Support

Liv also takes care of price transparency, including European VAT directly on the Product Page so the users can see the final price of their selected products.

europe vat shopify theme store

Suppliers we do integration with:

We've partnered with BrandsGateway, one of the largest fashion marketplaces, to bring luxury pieces closer to dropshippers.

Distributor of designer clothing and fashion accessories for retailers, chain stores, and online shops.

Marketplace that focuses on Italian brands and designers.

Based in the capital of Fashion Milan, our team is comprised of experts that have built long standing relationships with luxury suppliers and buyers for years.

Liv Professional - Turnkey Solution

Starting at

€ 1,990 € 2,499 Everything in Liv Package:

  • Customizable Theme
  • Automatic Category Creation
  • Mapping the Categories
  • Automatic Page Creation
  • Mega Menu Setup
  • Browsing at Lightning Speed
  • Automatic Photo Adjustment
  • Mobile Responsive Version
  • Color Swatches
  • Homepage Sliders
  • Google Tag Manager Configuration and Installation
  • Google Analytics Configuration and Installation
  • Set-Up of Additional Shopify Apps/Plugins (https://apps.shopify.com/)
  • European VAT Support
  • Wishlist
  • Instagram Feed
  • Product Star Rating - Shopify App
  • Currency Change - Shopify App
  • Basic SEO
  • Social Media Links Setup

Didn't find what you're looking for?

We also offer custom solutions. Reach out and let us know what your needs are. We'd be happy to help and provide a tailored solution.

Liv Custom - Turnkey Solution

Starting at

€ 6,999 €8,999

Everything in Pro plus:

  • Design Session 1 on 1
  • Theme Colour Palette
  • Proffesionally Designed Logo
  • Special Support
  • Custom Developed Pages

Do you have an idea for online apparel business? Launch your amazing webshop today with the help of Liv!

With Liv, you can get your business up and running in no time. She takes away the dull and time-consuming duties of managing the fashion and brand inventory and automates the entire process for you.

The best part? You get a responsive and customizable webshop that matches your brand and is automatically synchronized with suppliers from the marketplace.

Check out our top features

Customized Product Page

  • Switch Order
  • Add Sections
  • Button Design
  • Product Recommendation
  • Product Details
collection shopify theme store
collection shopify theme store

Customized Collection Page

  • Color Filters
  • Add Sections
  • Product Grid Design
  • Product Second Image
  • Collection Information and Image

Improve your sales with our best UI/UX practices

  • Mobile Responsive Version
  • Color Swatches
  • Sticky Add-to-Cart
  • Instagram Feed
  • Wishlist
  • Homepage Sliders
collection shopify theme store

Behind every use case, there’s a real experience. Find out how we helped our clients create their online stores and launch their businesses.



  • Consulting & Strategies
  • eCommerce Creative Concept
  • Content Architecture
  • UX & UI Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Shopify Customization
districfoch showcase

02. Dea Stilosa Milano

  • Consulting & Strategy
  • eCommerce Creative Concept
  • Content Architecture
  • UX & UI Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Shopify Customization

03. LeStelleBoutique Fashion Shopify eCommerce

  • Consulting & Strategy
  • eCommerce Creative Concept
  • Content Architecture
  • UX & UI Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Shopify Customization

But, you don’t need to take our word for it. Our customers have something to say about us:

"LemonDev is a great partner for your business. They listen to your request and is easy to reach. Creating and understanding your own website can be difficult especially for a non-technical person, but they made it easy for you to understand and provide you lot of support. Daniel is so easy to chat to and can easily be reached - Kudos to LemonDev."

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Richard Dacullo
CEO @ MCRichard

"It is my pleasure working with Daniel. Daniel knows his job, replies promptly, and goes extra-miles with all of my questions. He is creative and understands his customers’ expectations very well. I highly recommend him if you need someone to build up your turnkey website."

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Chrysan Linh
CEO @ Chrysan Linh

"the Lemon Dev team, are partners not just a service providers, they are always available, they do the extra mile, they help in fixing things even if they were out of the contract scoop, i had the pleasure dealing with them."

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Hani Abu Ayyash
CEO @ Hani Abu Ayyash

"I was extremely happy with the consultative style you presented, along with your willingness to listen and react accordingly. The website that resulted was, in my opinion, a superb shop front for my business"

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Trevor Newham
Director @ RichardLabels

Liv is optimized to perform best in the apparel & clothing industry

*Starting at €1990

Frequently asked questions

Think of Liv as your personal assistant who manages your store setup - from initial store configuration to product collections synchronization. Our theme is focused on the fashion industry and it is optimized to perform the best in that field. Liv can help you save countless hours on the setup process alone and support you bringing your business closer to customers.