Our Expertise

Lemon.dev is a web agency made of creative individuals with a flair for novel technologies. While Shopify is at the heart of our offering, we can custom our solutions to solve your unique challenges.

We assess your needs, map a solution, deliver results, and follow through with every step of the project even after it's done.

From our product Liv to custom-built websites in popular CMS like Shopify and Shopify Plus - we've got you covered!

What is Liv?

Think of Liv as your personal assistant who manages your store setup, from initial store configuration to product collections synchronization. Liv came to life through Shopify to provide you with a turn-key solution that will power your store uninterruptedly.

turnkey solution
Liv Tag Manager

What is Liv Tag Pro?

Automate the tedious process of manually adding and removing product tags and categories. Liv tag editor is a hassle-free tool that automates the process of adding, removing, and editing tags in a specific product or entire collections in your product portfolio for both existing and new products alike. Most importantly, it helps you bring structure to your webshop, regardless of the types of products you are selling. Featuring a user-friendly design, our editor helps you run all the product tagging processes in a time-efficient, reliable, and safe manner.

About us

Lemon.dev was founded in 2020 with the initial aim to enable entrepreneurs to integrate with their fashion dropshipping provider seamlessly. We've soon realized that fashion is only one of the industries that can benefit from our services and extended our offering to every novice entering the world of E-Commerce.


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"LemonDev is a great partner for your business. They listen to your request and is easy to reach. Creating and understanding your own website can be difficult especially for a non-technical person, but they made it easy for you to understand and provide you lot of support. Daniel is so easy to chat to and can easily be reached - Kudos to LemonDev."


Richard Dacullo

CEO @ MCRichard

"It is my pleasure working with Daniel. Daniel knows his job, replies promptly, and goes extra-miles with all of my questions. He is creative and understands his customers’ expectations very well. I highly recommend him if you need someone to build up your turnkey website."


Chrysan Linh

CEO @ Chrysan Linh

"The Lemon Dev team, are partners not just a service providers, they are always available, they do the extra mile, they help in fixing things even if they were out of the contract scoop, i had the pleasure dealing with them."


Hani Abu Ayyash

CEO @ Hani Abu Ayyash

"I was extremely happy with the consultative style you presented, along with your willingness to listen and react accordingly. The website that resulted was, in my opinion, a superb shop front for my business"


Trevor Newham

Director @ RicherLabels